CURATED Monero & Privacy Tech Speakers by DAY…

UNCENSORED Free Speech Money Speakers by NIGHT…

Music, drinks, and party vibes DAY AND NIGHT.

Mo’ Nero Mo’ Freedom

Conference for privacy, tech and freedom enjoyers.

April 7th, 2022 – Miami Beach, FL

At the Miami Beach Woman’s Club

CURATED: 8am-8pm / UNCENSORED: 8pm-11pm

Your Hosts

Doug and Sunita are happy and proud to be your

hosts for the first ever MoneroTopia conference!

THE Speakers

Presentations followed by Q&A from Monero & Privacy Tech experts, builders, and advocates.

Click here for the full detailed schedule.

 Why Liberty Matters

Martha Bueno

Candidate for Miami-Dade Commissioner District 10


  Why Privacy Matters

Rachel-Rose O’Leary

Darkfi Developer

  Why Monero Matters

Luke Smith

Monero: Crypto for Dystopia Avoidance

  The Monero Project

Francisco Cabañas


Monero Core Team Member

XMR Scaling Expert

Lee Clagett


Monero Developer

XMR p2p Network Expert


Aaron Feickert

“Sarang Noether” 

Research Contributor

  Monero Post-Quantum

Adam Corbo

Physicist, Cryptography and Quantum Computing enthusiast

  Preserving Democracy with Cryptography

Philip Zimmermann

Inventor of PGP

  Monero replacing Bitcoin on Dark Markets

Rolf van Wegberg

Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology


  Creating a Monero Circular Economy

Panel Host

Douglas Tuman

Host of Monero Talk


Vikrant Sharma

Founder and CEO of Cake Wallet


Mike Olthoff

Founder and CEO of Coincards


Garrett See

Co-Founder of DVChain


  Opting Out with Monero and privacy tools

Seth for Privacy

Host of Opt Out Podcast


  Monero Interoperability & Layer 2


Software Engineer

Working on XMR<> ETH Atomic Swaps


  Monero Interoperability Panel

Panel Host

Seth for Privacy

Host of Opt Out Podcast


Chad Barraford

THORChain Core Developer



  Monero as an Investment

Nam Sardar

Founder/CEO Neel Capital


Chad Thackray

Monero’s price profile: Why it matters

  Regulation and Policy Panel

Panel Host

Justin Ehrenhofer

VP Operations at Cake Wallet


Liat Shetret

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Policy at Solidus Labs


Ahmed Ghappour

Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law

General Counsel, Nym Technologies, SA


Carol R. Van Cleef

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Counsel at Bradley






Live Performances by:

Mike Salvi

Mike Salvi is a stand up comic and podcast host from Philadelphia. He built and runs the first blockchain metaverse comedy club. You can catch Mike performing regularly at comedy clubs, crypto events, and occasionally on the moon.


RYIT is a Psytrance and Techno DJ based out of Denver. In addition to DJing, RYIT created Monerica, a directory for a circular Monero economy.

Samu Rhymez

Samu Rhymez is an underground rapper who combines martial arts, deadly weapons and prophetic rap flows. He aims to tie on the roots of hip-hop by speaking his mind and his truth, no matter the consequences.


Vendors present at the event will have products for sale and accept Monero!

Gratuitas facilitates tipping producers of goods in developing nations using Monero. Gratuitas’ main offering is high quality coffee beans from Guatemala.

Spore Baby are filled with a driving passion to share the wondrous world of mushrooms and making spores available for study.

Sidarta0 is an artist with many works featuring Monero and other cryptocurrencies. His prints will be available at MoneroTopia!

Planta Rx is the premier trusted brand for people in search of alternative pathways to healthier living. Planta Rx provides hand-picked and curated organic hemp-derived CBD products.

MikeCustomTech is an IT Engineer and custom PC and miner builder for close to a decade. Mike will be showcasing and selling his Mini Monero Miner and de-Googled cell phones.


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After Dark Speakers

Talks/presentations from unknown speakers ranging from 15min-45min + Q&A. We will list the time slots taken below as speakers anonymously register. “After Dark” speakers are asked to keep their content “Free Speech Money” related, however there are no gatekeepers deciding who gets these slots. If you have some well thought-out ideas you would like to present please consider booking yourself!

Book Yourself

Registration Full

& Many more activities!

MONERO Coffee & Cocktail Bar

Confer with speakers and fellow privacy-respecting attendees at the All Day Cash/XMR Bar.

Gratuitas Coffee served several ways (with an option to tip the Guatemalan farmers XMR)

Signature top-shelf cocktails based on the late John McAfee’s favorites. (cheers sir!)

A DJ & Stage

A DJ will keep the vibe going as minds meet at the bar between talks. Entertainment will be provided by filling a Hall with an unknown group of Free Speech Money advocate attendees & speakers, and giving them access to strong coffee & cocktails. (actual venue shown)


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Nothing will beat the experience of attending MoneroTopia in-person, but if you just can’t swing it, we have the next best thing:

MoneroTopia Virtual Conference Access

We teamed up with The Crypto Vigilante to have Rafael LaVerde host a MoneroTopia Virtual Conference in a tent set-up among the all-day DJ, bars, and vendors. Spend the entire day with Rafael and all the other virtual attendees in a chat room to watch the presentations live, get Rafael’s commentary, and participate in live Q&A with the speakers as they debrief with Rafael in the TCV tent.

Media & Press Partners


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